ODialer 13.3.5 for Realme / OPPO Download

ODialer 13.3.5 for Realme / OPPO Download

Hey Realme / OPPO users I hope you are doing well and good. Today we are talking about the latest update of the ODialer application by ColorOS for Realme / OPPO / Oneplus devices. So let's talk about what is O Dialer? How to install ODialer? How to enable auto call recording in ODialer? and How to Replace Google Dialer with O Dialer?

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What is ODialer?

O Dialer is the Custom Dialer by ColorOS for Realme and Oppo devices like Google Dialer for all Android devices. But Google Dialer has a few limitations like no auto call recording and annoying call recording announcement ( Your call is being recorded ).

With Odailer users can Record calls automatically also there is no call recording announcement. A new odialer update has been rolled out with the build number ODialer 13.3.5

ODialer 13.3.5 Features

  • ODialer offers advanced features as compared to Google Dialer
  • No call recording announcement 
  • New UI
  • Auto and manual call recording 
  • Smart Dialer
  • Operator Related settings and more 

How to Replace Google Dialer with O Dialer

For seamless use, replacing Google Dialer with O Dialer is important.

  • Install ODialer latest version from the given link
  • Now launch Dialer and allow all the required permission
  • Go to device settings
  • Tap on apps
  • Go to Default apps
  • Set ODialer as the default Dialer from the Phone
  • Done

App Details

App Name O Dialer
Version 13.3.5
Size 23MB
Type beta Version

ODialer 13.3.5 for Realme / OPPO Download

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