ColorOS 13 Dialer apk ( O Dialer ) Download

ColorOS 13 Dialer apk ( O Dialer ) Download

Hey ColorOS 13 users today we are talking about ColorOS 13 Dialer apk ( O Dialer ) update to Download and install.

All Oppo devices works on colour OS and colour OS having its own dialer application with custom UI.

Today we are talking about O Dialer which is developed by color os and works on android 12 / android 13 devices

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ColorOS 13 Dialer update Features

So here are few features of color OS O Dialer - 

  • Custom UI 
  • Easy to use 
  • Contact import export 
  • Managing contacts 
  • Call log 
  • Contact syncing 
  • Call recording (auto/manual) 
  • Call block and filter 
  • Call bearing 
  • New incoming call screen 
  • And many more


ColorOS 13 Dialer apk ( O Dialer ) Download

How to install oppo dialer?

  • Go to the download link below 
  • Download the latest version of Color OS 13 ODialer 
  • Go to downloads 
  • Tab and install the dialer 
  • Open the dialer and allow the required permissions 
  • set O Dialer set as the default dialer 
  • Done

ColorOS 13 Dialer Apk Download


1- Which devices are supported by ODialer app?

Ans - Realme / OPPO / Oneplus devices are supported by O Dialer.

2- Can Google dialer be replaced?

Ans- Yes, users can replace Google Dialer with Realme Dialer / Oppo Dialer / O Dialer.

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