Game Space Immersion Mode with ColorOS 13.1 Update

Game Space Immersion Mode with ColorOS 13.1 ColorOS 13.1 will be the latest OS update on OPPO devices based on Android 14. The latest update introduced a new feature called "Immersion mode" for gamers.  So what does this feature do with gamers let's see that- Game Space Imme…


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Realme shelf apk latest version (Android 13 / Android 14)

Realme Shelf APK latest version (Android 13 / Android 14) Realme was introduced with a new feature named HeyTap Shelf. This feature lets users quickly access options like photos, Music, contacts, and more. Here is the new update of the Realme shelf feature. Download Shelf 14.2.37 from here. What's new in the update  New widgets  Widgets can be moved to the Homescreen ( On a few devices ) Fixed some known bugs How to enable the Shelf feature Go to the link and download the latest version Go to the home screen and just tap and hold on to the blank space. Go to launcher settings Choose the shelf feature for swiping down on home screen Done  Go back to the home screen and swipe down Here is your Shelf feature

Realme UI 5.0 Dialer apk Download ( Latest )

 Realme UI 5.0 Dialer APK Download ( Latest ) Realme UI 5.0 Dialer latest update download and install. Realme UI 5.0 is Based on the Android 14 update which is the latest update for Android devices. Realme UI 5.0 brings all new features to Realme devices. Now, a few eligible devices of Realme getting Realme UI 5.0 update ( Beta ). Also see --> Realme C31 Gcam port Download Realme / OPPO Game space 5.4.0 [ Latest ] Realme UI 5.0 Dialer apk Download ( Latest ) Realme UI 5.0 system applications are getting new updates and most of the Realme UI 5.0 apps are working fine on Realme UI 4.0 devices. Here is the Realme UI 5.0 Dialer update with the following features - What is Realme Dialer? Realme Dialer is the custom dialer by ColoroS for Realme and Oppo devices like Google Dialer is developed by Google to Android devices. Now Google dialer has a few drawbacks like no call auto recording, also there is always a call recording announcement ( Your call is being recorded ), and basic UI. On

Realme UI 4.0 Dialer update Download [ Working ]

Realme UI 4.0 Dialer update Download [ Working ] Realme Dialer is a custom dialer by Realme / ColorOS for Oppo and Realme devices. Which offers Call Recording and more features. Now this Dialer will work on Android 13 devices. Here is the new Dialer update for Realme UI 4.0 Android 13 devices. The major issue with Google Dialer is Call recording announcements.  For Realme users if the stock Realme Dialer does not work on their device then they can install the O Dialer given below - O Dialer 13.3.3 updated version. Dialer comes with a bunch of features like the following -  Smart dialing Call recording Blocklist Speed dialing Contacts management Caller ID No call recording announcement How to Replace Google Dialer with Realm Dialer? First, make sure that you have installed Realme Dialer. Now go to device settings > Apps > Manages Apps  Click on Default apps > select Realme Dialer  Done Also, see --> Realme / OPPO ODialer update (Latest) Realme / OPPO Game space update How

Realme System Cloner latest update Download

Realme System Cloner 2024 update Download Hey, Realme users If you are searching for the latest updated version of the Realme system cloner application then you are at the right place. Realme has released the system cloner v14.1.0 update for the latest Realme devices. Here is the complete guide to installing and setting up your device's system cloner feature. What is the Realme system cloner feature? In terms of privacy, this feature is useful and easy to use. Users can create separate and clean spaces on the device to use as fresh. The application data, storage, Calls, SMS, and more are completely isolated from the main system to create a fresh system. How to enable Realme System Cloner? Install the latest version from here Open and allow all the required permissions  Go to device settings  Security & privacy > System cloner  Setup the password for a new system It is ready to use 

Realme Theme Store 9.9.0 Update (2024)

Realme Theme Store 9.9.0 Update  Hey, Realme users I hope you are doing well. Today we have the latest version of the Theme Store application with a few new features. Users can do some customizations on the device by using the Theme store. The latest version of the Realme theme store 9.9.0 is out to download and install. Theme store 9.9.0 Features Live wallpapers New themes collection Fonts OMG feature New plus themes Video ringtones Dynamic ringtones And more App Details App Name Theme store Version 9.9.0 Required Realme UI/ColorOS Size 50MB Developer ColorOS Realme Theme Store 9.9.0 Download Download from here install/update the theme store Launch and allow all required permissions  Done

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