Google Dialer Change Code ( Vivo, Iqoo )

Google Dialer Change Code  ( Vivo, Iqoo )

Hey, Vivo / iQoo users I hope you are doing well If you are searching for Google Dialer Change Code  ( Vivo, Iqoo ) then you are at the right place.

Replace Google Dialer with Iqoo or Funtouch OS Dialer with a stock dialer.

Vivo, Iqoo devices support a special code to change the Google dialer. This is so simple way to replace Google dialer with other dialers.

Now as you know Google dialer comes with Call recording announcement and this is so annoying.

Here is the secret code to change Google dialer on Vivo, Iqoo devices.

How to Replace Google Dialer with secret code Vivo, Iqoo

  • To use Google Dialer replace code you need to follow below steps-
  • First install dialer that you want like ( Realme Dialer, Funtouch Dialer etc )
  • Go to Google dialer 
  • Dialer code *#*#566688#*#*
  • It will as you for Enable alternative dialer and contact
  • Done this code will replace google dialer to installed dialer in Vivo, Fun touch device.


In this way Vivo, Iqoo users can use secret code to replace Google Dialer.

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