How to Delete Other Files in Realme / OPPO ( 2 min )

How to Delete Other Files in Realme / OPPO ( 100% Working )

Hey, Realme / OPPO users I hope you are doing well today we are talking about the How to Delete Other files section in Realme / OPPO devices to free up storage.

How to check 

Go to the device setting > Scroll down to About phone  > Click on Storage ( Here is your data )

  • Images 
  • Videos 
  • Apks 
  • Apps 
  • Documents 
  • Audio 
  • Other 
  • System 

Users can also clean up some temporary files directly from here.

But other section cannot be cleaned or removed from here so what do you have to do?

There is a feature called RAM expansion which can increase your device RAM by using internal storage. 

Now when users enable RAM expansion it creates a virtual file of your storage and that leads to occupying internal storage. So this is also the reason behind the other section of Realme devices.

How to Delete Other Files in Realme / OPPO

There are two methods that we are using first we are going to disable the RAM expansion feature and in the second method, we have to clean the cache files.

First step -

  • Go to device settings 
  • Scroll down and click on About phone 
  • Now tap on RAM 
  • Disable RAM expansion feature 
  • Done

Second Step -

Users have to download the Cache Cleaner application from the Google Play Store ( the link is given below )

  • Launch application 
  • Allow all the required permissions 
  • Tap on cache cleaner 
  • Begin with the cache-cleaning process 
  • Done

App Details

App Name 1Tap Cleaner ( Clear cache )
Provider Sam Lu
Supports Android
Size 10MB
Download link Given Below

Other files delete app Download

Download Button with Timer


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