How to Activate eSIM in Realme Devices

How to Activate eSIM in Realme Devices

Hey Realme users hope you are doing well in today's article we will see How to Activate eSIM in Realme smartphones and what is eSIM feature.

What is eSIM in Realme?

eSIM, or embedded SIM, stands for "embedded Subscriber Identity Module." It's a technology used in mobile devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches, to replace physical SIM cards. Unlike physical SIM cards that you can remove and replace, eSIM is a small chip that is embedded directly into the device's hardware and that can not be removed and replaced.

How to Activate eSIM in Realme Devices

eSIM Features

  • Virtual SIM: An eSIM contains all the necessary information to connect to a mobile network so without using a physical SIM card these things are possible.
  • Remote Activation: With eSIM, you can activate and switch between mobile carriers and plans without needing to physically change the SIM card
  • Space-Saving: Physical SIM cards require more space as compared to eSIM so it becomes space space-saving feature.
  • Security: remote locking and encryption, which can help protect against unauthorized access or cloning.
  • Environmental Benefits: eSIM technology reduces the need for plastic SIM cards so it is beneficial to the environment.
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How to Activate eSIM in Realme

To activate eSIM in any Android device first make sure that your device supports eSIM for that you can contact the device manufacturer or you can cross-check on the device's official website.
  • Once you have ensured about it follow the below steps-
  • Now the first step is to get the Activation code from the operator and this step varies as per operator so contact the service provider for it.
  • Once you get the code go to the device setting
  • Then go to mobile and networks ( Connectivity )
  • Find Sim Card Manager
  • Add Mobile Plan
  • Now scan the QR code that you have received on your mail from service provider.
  • And now done


In this way, users can add and activate eSIM to Android devices. 

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