What is ORoaming in Realme ?

What is ORoaming in Realme

Hey Realme users today we are talking about ORoaming feature in Realme devices and how to use this feature.

This feature can be found in Realme / Oppo / Oneplus devices.

ORoaming in Realme

So what does ORoaming feature do ?

Suppose you are traveling to china and you do not have local SIM card of that area.

Then in this scenario how user will use internet ?

Yes here your ORoaming feature will help you.

User can use local internet without using SIM card.

So that user does not need to have any physical SIM card of local.


Realme ORoaming

How to Activate ORoaming in Realme ?

  • Go to apps
  • Find ORoaming apps and open
  • Find perfect plan for you
  • Click on plan and purchase it
  • Now go to orders and here you can activate ORoaming feature.
  • Within few minutes internet will be ready to use.

Note: Do not activate plan until you are reaches on destination.


1. Does ORoaming is free to use ?

- You need to by ORoaming plan from listed plans in app.

2. How to activate ORoaming ?

- Go to ORoaming app

- Purchase plan

- Go to orders

- Activate ORoaming plan

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